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WORKSPACE Project space planning


Workspace design is not just about spaceplanning - its about first understanding the culture of your organisation and reflecting a workspace to enhance what is best about the company .

The design approach can be affected by age and demographics as well as seamlessly incorporating and  integrating technology and engineering .

Visualising the ideas from day one is essential to encourage feedback through workshops and conversations.

Many good workspaces are designed from the desk outwards rather that the traditional  shell first and fit out later .

There is a lot you can do to transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary space and I have been involved as designer in several projects that do exactly that with great client customer feedback.


The budget is extremely important and its essential to have a good idea of whats affordable from the start - it affects furniture , floors,walls and ceilings and required clever and knowwledgable specification approaches to make it a success.


The other essential ingredient in developing a successful and productive workspace is to have fun with the team doing it - surprise is a great tool in its own right and the 3D modelling approach often enables this .


The ability to get Facilities managers and Office users to have a common goal on quality needs also to be considered from day one.


I can help all parties to acheive a result that they never thought they could have by applying experience and a 101 ideas to go with it.

Even if only 50% of the ideas are used - this still enables a workspace hat is better than not having any ideas at all.


I can honestly say that previous workspaces I have been involved with have resulted in a benefit to the workers within them whilst at the same time enhancing the overall companies that have commisioned them - after all an unhappy workforce is not going tom take any company forwards.






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